alhyntius (alhyntius) wrote,

Christmas/New Year's Scotch

I was going to buy myself a bottle of scotch for Christmas but didn't have the time, then didn't have the money. But today I had both so I went to the Red Wagon Wine Shop in Rochester. Really nice place if you ever have the chance to go there. I was looking at the scotches and wanted a gift set that included a glass or two so I'm looking up high in the locked glass cases where the big boxes are. I saw one bottle of scotch that was $300. Now, I wouldn't pay $300 for a bottle of scotch but I can appreciate that people do so I didn't really balk at the price. But then I saw one for $800 and nearly choked. But then I lost all senses when I saw a leather wrapped wooden box containing a bottle priced at $2499.99! Who would ever pay $2500 for a bottle of scotch? You can get a used car for that much. Sheesh.

So, I shelled out about $60 for a wooden box containing a bottle of 18 year old single malt Chivas Regal gold signature scotch blended whiskeys with accompanying glass. Mmm ... tasty.
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