alhyntius (alhyntius) wrote,

Sick Days

I learned something important yesterday. If you think you might be just a little bit sick, you're better off staying home and calling off work just in case, even if you turn out to be fine. Because if you try to tough it out thinking things will get better later in the day, if they don't and you continue to feel worse and worse, it's twisting arms to get them to let you leave work. "You're already here so you might as well stay." "You're well enough that you made it in today, you're well enough to work." "Can you at least stay for three more hours until another employee shows up?" No! I feel like shit and I really want to go home. I'm on an antibiotic, an expectorant, and a decongestant that has pseudoephedrine in it. I'm tired, sore, weak, moving incredibly slow, have a headache, vomited this morning and feel I want to do it again. I'm cold, can hardly stand, and am super dehydrated. Which, the manager wouldn't even let me keep a bottle of water behind the register so I could continually hydrate myself. She's so hung up on store policy that she's lost all humanity and compassion.
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