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Victoriandustrial [03 Dec 2009|03:33pm]
Three more days 'til Emilie Autumn! W00t!
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*Drum Roll* [19 Oct 2009|09:24pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I'm engaged!

Yep, I'm getting married. Here's the story ...

I met a woman (Calix) last August through mutual friends, we started talking later in the year, and by February 2009 we were dating. Things continued to just get better and better over the summer.

My little sister was to be married on October 3rd down in Cocoa Beach, Florida and rather than deal with the logistics of flying, Calix and I decided to drive down and spend a week beforehand camping in Asheville, North Carolina. The camping was awesome and we did fun stuff like tour the Biltmore, attend the Mountain Heritage Festival, and visit the Arboretum. The final day of our camping trip I decided we should go horseback riding.

I opted for the three hour ride because halfway through we'd stop for lunch at an old garnet mine on the property and we were allowed to dig around and keep what we found. We had pretty good luck finding some large partials and some tiny whole ones. Back at the campsite I had Calix spread out the garnets on the cooler so we could inspect our find. I pointed out two decent sized ones and commented that they'd be the perfect size to get made into a ring. She concurred and that's when I knelt down, placed one of the garnets in her hand, and asked her to marry me. She was overjoyed and said yes.

I have an uncle who's a jeweler in Indiana so sometime next year Calix and I will pay him a visit to see what it costs to clean and polish the garnets and pick out a setting for the engagement ring. Everybody does diamonds, but how many people do garnets, especially one you dug up yourself?

We don't have a firm date set yet but we do like the idea of 11/11/11. Of course, 10/10/10 would be cool also since 101010 is binary for 42 which is the answer to life, the universe, and everything (Douglas Adams). But, we may just end up eloping when it makes tactical sense to do so, then have the ceremony at a later date like 11/11/11 and show a ridiculously dramatic kung fu action wedding movie to show what the wedding was "really" like.

We still have plenty of time to discuss and plan. One thing is for certain though ...

I'm getting married!

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*grin* [13 Oct 2009|06:26pm]
I have news. And as soon as I have the time and energy to write up the story, I will post.
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Your Kid's a Wuss [15 Sep 2009|03:27pm]
I really don't understand why parents drive their kids to the bus stop and let them sit in the idling car until the bus shows up. All those cars clog the intersection and really make traffic confusing. If you're going to drive your kid somewhere, why not just go a bit further and take him or her all the way to school? Okay, maybe in the bitter cold of winter I might understand, but when I was a kid I just bundled up and toughed it out and I'm going to make my kids do the same. America really is becoming wussified.
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Me Tunes [13 Aug 2009|08:05am]
I went to a Tori Amos concert recently and it got me thinking ... A few measures into a song when the crowd bursts out into applause, is it because you like that song, or simply because you recognize it? My guess is it's more the latter than the former because it happens for every damn song. If it's the former, then I can understand applauding your one or two favorites but for every single one? Well of course you're going to like them; that's why you came to the concert.
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"It Tastes Like Burning" [10 Jul 2009|06:44am]
There is an ingredient in Hostess Cupcakes called "Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate". Now that just doesn't sound healthy.
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Buzz! [30 May 2009|03:43pm]
My mustache/beard trimmer broke yesterday so I had to use my hair clippers. My face is still buzzing. It's like breaking your fingernail buffer and using a belt sander. It gets the job done but with way too much power.
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Econdomics. [28 Apr 2009|03:26pm]
I always wondered why people would ever buy a 3 pack of condoms. Trojans are $5.99 for the 3 pack or $2 per condom! Last month I got a 36+4 box of Lifestyles for $12. 30 cents per condom! Now that's just smart shopping. So why waste money with a 3 pack? Simple short-sightedness? They last for a couple years so even if you only need 3 right now, you might need the other 37 over the next several months. Even if you don't, give the rest to some friends.
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Moods Tanked [26 Apr 2009|07:49am]
Something I posted on DGN last night:

For a couple months I've been feeling great. Sure, I have my ups and downs and my little moods, but overall I've been great! Tonight though ...

I don't know exactly what I'm feeling. Melancholy mixed with nostalgia; a general sadness where I just feel so small and insignificant and life is this huge thing rushing by, like a train not stopping at the station and I'm left alone in the dark with old tattered newspapers blowing by. Fleeting dreams, fading from memory and colors slowly dithering into greyscale. Hopeless, like everything is always the same and will never change. Plodding one foot in front of the other and getting nowhere. My joy is simply rented with a due date, to be turned in when the time comes with nothing queued to replace it. Not able to enjoy the present because my future seems bleak, uncertainty turning to pessimism. Trying to be hopeful but lacking the energy - so tired. Wanting to be held and comforted but not by anybody I know for that is so shortsighted and seems to exacerbate the problem. Somebody, something new. Send me an angel and let me know everything is alright.

I am feeling a bit better. A good night's sleep helped. Hopefully my mood continues to pick up throughout the day.
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Performances [20 Apr 2009|04:56pm]
My two shows went great last week. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention I was doing a couple shows? Argonne syndrome is back! LOL!
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Sick Days [02 Apr 2009|05:20am]
I learned something important yesterday. If you think you might be just a little bit sick, you're better off staying home and calling off work just in case, even if you turn out to be fine. Because if you try to tough it out thinking things will get better later in the day, if they don't and you continue to feel worse and worse, it's twisting arms to get them to let you leave work. "You're already here so you might as well stay." "You're well enough that you made it in today, you're well enough to work." "Can you at least stay for three more hours until another employee shows up?" No! I feel like shit and I really want to go home. I'm on an antibiotic, an expectorant, and a decongestant that has pseudoephedrine in it. I'm tired, sore, weak, moving incredibly slow, have a headache, vomited this morning and feel I want to do it again. I'm cold, can hardly stand, and am super dehydrated. Which, the manager wouldn't even let me keep a bottle of water behind the register so I could continually hydrate myself. She's so hung up on store policy that she's lost all humanity and compassion.
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Aches and Pains [11 Mar 2009|01:21pm]
I just got back from the doctor. Turns out I have the leading cause of death in the nation and it's highly contagious. Influenza. And I even got a flu shot this year. I ache all over and feel weak and run down. I think it's nap time ... again.
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It Must Be Spring [01 Mar 2009|08:24am]
There was a spider in my shower this morning.

Forget groundhogs; they are warm blooded mammals just like us. I think arachnids are a better indicator of changing weather conditions. First spider of the year means warm weather is near.
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Happy Birthday To Me [19 Feb 2009|11:41am]
Come to The Ritz (off Hoover, south of 696) tonight to celebrate with me.
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Blargh [11 Feb 2009|04:07pm]
Work was so exhausting I just want to collapse and sleep for a week. Anyone want to cuddle with me and massage my head until I doze off?
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Economy of Scale [29 Jan 2009|08:17pm]
How is it everybody understands the concept of Mr. Alan's "Twenty nine or two for fiddy!" and everyone gets that if you buy one book from Amazon.com that you can tack on another one at a reduced rate, yet when we sell theater box candy at Walgreens for 3/$3, everybody assumes that you can get 1/$1 completely missing that the sign says, "or $1.29 each"? If we wanted it 1/$1 we would've said that and not 3/$3. You have to buy all three dork. It's called "Economy of Scale". Buy more, save more; buy one, don't save. *sigh*
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7-11! [13 Jan 2009|03:53pm]
For good or for ill, there's finally a 7-11 coming to Rochester!
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Christmas/New Year's Scotch [11 Jan 2009|03:59pm]
I was going to buy myself a bottle of scotch for Christmas but didn't have the time, then didn't have the money. But today I had both so I went to the Red Wagon Wine Shop in Rochester. Really nice place if you ever have the chance to go there. I was looking at the scotches and wanted a gift set that included a glass or two so I'm looking up high in the locked glass cases where the big boxes are. I saw one bottle of scotch that was $300. Now, I wouldn't pay $300 for a bottle of scotch but I can appreciate that people do so I didn't really balk at the price. But then I saw one for $800 and nearly choked. But then I lost all senses when I saw a leather wrapped wooden box containing a bottle priced at $2499.99! Who would ever pay $2500 for a bottle of scotch? You can get a used car for that much. Sheesh.

So, I shelled out about $60 for a wooden box containing a bottle of 18 year old single malt Chivas Regal gold signature scotch blended whiskeys with accompanying glass. Mmm ... tasty.
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Dating Sucks [15 Dec 2008|09:02am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Second date scheduled for last Sunday. She was sick so postponed to this Sunday. An hour after I'm expecting her at my place, she calls to let me know she just woke up from a nap and by then it was too late to head out here. We haven't rescheduled yet.

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Dating [02 Dec 2008|09:40am]
[ mood | happy ]

I went on a date on Sunday. Brunch was successful and lead to coffee and chatting. Coffee and chatting was successful and lead to a movie. (We saw Australia. A bit long but very well done. A great date movie and I liked it a lot.) The movie was successful and lead to ... well, the snowstorm was really bad so I had her call me when she got home so I knew she made it safely, which she did and she said ... she wants to see me again.

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